Reduce the Appearance of Frown Lines with Dysport Injections


The only time when it is good to have frown lines is when you are thinking deeply about something. Perhaps if you are highly displeased with something or you are angry, you may have these frown lines as well. However, when your face goes back to a neutral position, you want the area between your […]

What are the Benefits of Dysport?


When looking at different cosmetic treatments, most people want to know the benefits they can receive when they use them. This is also true when it comes to learning more about Dysport®. So, what are the benefits of using this product? First, you need to understand the purpose of this product. It is very gently […]

Proudly Offering Dysport Treatments in Scottsdale and Tempe


Dysport® is an injectable product that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles by treating some of the root causes of these age-related blemishes. It can help you address a variety of cosmetic issues including crow’s feet and frown lines. Within just days of your Dysport® injections at our office in Scottsdale or Tempe, you will begin to […]