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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal Arizona by Perfect Skin Laser Center is one of the most popular laser tattoo treatments we perform. We’ve been doing laser tattoo for over 12 years. We offer you the best experience with the powerful RevLite laser tattoo removal system. The RevLite is 60% more powerful than its predecessor and is about twice as fast. It will normally take at least 6 to 15 treatments for complete removal of your tattoo. RevLite clears all colors and treats all skin types, leaving no residual “ghost” images as with previous laser technology. Perfect Skin Laser center was one of the first centers in Arizona to have this new revolutionary system. I have been removing tattoos on men and women of all ages from all over Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler Arizona area for over 12 years.

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RevLite Laser Tattoo Removal

The RevLite™ Laser represents the gold standard for laser tattoo removal. The RevLite has multiple laser wavelengths to choose from so I can utilize the best wavelength for your specific ink color. The RevLite laser, engineered for tattoo removal, delivers high energy into the target pigment at such a rapid rate, the ink particles vibrate and shatter. The RevLite™ utilizes extremely rapid shutter speeds to produce nanosecond pulse widths. This results in a highly effective tattoo removal procedure with less heat and increased safety. The RevLite system utilizes a PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse™ allowing delivery of very narrow pulse widths at high peak energy to remove your tattoo. This PhotoAcoustic effect breaks the tattoo ink into tiny fragments, which are gradually removed from your skin. The RevLite™ tattoo removal laser is up to 60 percent more power than previous laser tattoo removal systems. The RevLite™ system enables us to clear your stubborn tattoos safely, comfortably and in potentially fewer treatment sessions.

How Many Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Does it Take?

Professional tattoos usually take from six to over 15 treatments, while amateur tattoos require four or more sessions due to the different composition of inks. Treatments are spaced approximately six to twelve weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the quality and depth of your tattoo application, the type of ink used in your tattoo, the color used and the length of time between each treatment. With the use of a RevLite™ laser, physicians often achieve greater than 95 percent fading. Your tattoo will continue to fade for up to 5 years after a your treatment. The longer you wait between treatments the fewer treatments it will take to remove your tattoo.

Cosmetic tattoo ink, typically the lighter ink colors, may contain ferric oxide or that can permanently turn black when exposed to Q-switched laser pulses. The color changes are probably due to reduction of rust-colored ferric oxide to jet black ferrous oxide and from white Ti4+ to blue Ti3+. Further treatment often removes the ink, but permanent darkening of the ink is a possibility. Titanium dioxide ink content is associated with poor results.

Difficult colors are yellow, green and blue. Red and black are the easiest colors to remove.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal works by the explosive heating, with a Q-switched laser, and fragmentation of the intracellular ink granules that are contained in dermal phagocytic cells (macrophages).Skin cells and ink are sloughed off from the surface skin, but much of the ink is transported into lymphatics and, apparently, retained in regional nodes.

We use the RevLite™ system which has 4 different Q-switched wavelengths to chose from. This is important because depending on the color of the tattoo ink a specific laser wavelength is used for your treatment. Red ink is better removed by green laser pulses; green ink is better removed by red laser pulses. Black ink in responds well to the 1064 wavelength.

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What are the Risks of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments?

The risk of scarring by Q-switched laser treatment of tattoo is approximately 5% or less, and usually limited to a portion of the treated area. Lasers have become the standard treatment for tattoo removal because they offer a “relatively bloodless,” low risk, highly effective treatment with minimal side effects. Side effects of treatments by a Q-switched laser are transient pigmentary and textural changes. Hyperpigmentation is usually mild and transient, and can be treated with topical bleaching agents. Hypopigmentation is also usually transient, but depigmentation occurs in about 1% of cases and is often permanent

Allergic reactions both local and systemic to the ink are possible with red ink usually being the culprit. Localized granulomatous tissue reaction to tattoo ink particle antigens can occur. This can easily be treated with a local steroid injection. Rarely patients may suffer fever, joint pain, chills, and/or myalgia after each laser treatment.

How are Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Performed?

Laser tattoo removal usually involves applying a topical anesthetic for one hour and ice immediately prior and after the treatment. The tattoo is treated with the appropriate laser wavelength depending on the tattoo ink color. Laser tattoo removal causes the top layer of ink to explode into fragments. The skin turns white over the treated tattoo. Some bleeding may occur. A special post laser ointment is applied and a bandage may be placed. The skin usually heals within one week but may take up to a couple of weeks. The ink that was broken into smaller fragments is gradually absorbed by your body over the next several months. Your tattoo will gradually lighten over the next several months but can continue to lighten for up to 5 years after your treatment. I usually do treatments every 6 -8 weeks for the first several treatments. Once most of the superficial ink has been removed I extend the interval to every 8 – 12 weeks. I have found that longer intervals of 8 or more weeks between treatments results in fewer treatments needed to remove your tattoo.

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How much is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal cost depends on the size of your tattoo. The usual cost for a small tattoo is $150 per treatment in Perfect Center Laser Tattoo Removal Arizona. It will take from 4 to over 15 treatments to remove your tattoo.

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