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Hand Rejuvenation

Re juvenate Your Hands - Look as Young as You Feel!

Aging hands can affect your confidence and self-image. But you can reverse the signs of aging with our hand rejuvenation service, a customized solution that can help you achieve youthful and beautiful hands. Our hand rejuvenation service can restore the smoothness and volume of your hands and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, veins, and age spots.

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Hand Rejuvenation Services

At Perfect Skin Center we offer a variety of options for hand rejuvenation, each with its own benefits and features. Here are some of the options we offer:

Volume Enhancing Fillers

  • Restylane: A hyaluronic acid gel filler ( hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin) that restores volume and reduces wrinkles. Restylane is a safe and natural dermal filler that diminishes visible signs of aging by adding volume to the hands. Procedure Quick Look: 30 minutes | Minimal downtime | Immediate results
  • Renuva: An innovative cosmetic treatment for hand rejuvenation. It works by using an injectable allograft adipose matrix, essentially processed donor fat, to replace lost fat volume in the hands. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those who have noticed that their hands have lost their youthful plumpness with visible veins and looking bony and wrinkled. Renuva fat matrix integrates with your body’s natural tissues, encouraging the growth of new fat cells in the treated area. The result is smoother, more youthful-looking hands with improved skin texture and volume.
  • Bellafill: Is a dermal filler that provides a long-term solution for hand rejuvenation. Unlike other fillers that primarily use substances that are absorbed by the body over time, Bellafill combines a collagen gel with PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) microspheres that provides immediate volume and lift but also encourages the production of natural collagen over time, leading to more enduring results.
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Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

  • Sciton Halo Laser: A state-of-the-art hybrid fractional laser that will revitalize your hands by combining ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. This dual approach allows for precise skin renewal and collagen stimulation with minimal downtime, making it an ideal for treatment for wrinkles, sunspots, and uneven skin tone. You will have a mild sunburn sensation lasting a few hours and tiny micro scabbing that will last up to 3 weeks. The Sciton Halo Laser offers long-lasting improvements in both skin texture and appearance, making it a top choice for those seeking effective and immediate rejuvenation with lasting benefits. The procedure is quick, typically less than 15 minutes.
  • Sciton BBL Hero (BroadBand Light): A non-invasive treatment ideal for rejuvenating hands and specifically excellent for reducing age spots that contribute to an aged appearance. This technology uses intense pulsed light to target and diminish signs of aging such as age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin texture. The process stimulates skin cells to regenerate and boosts collagen production, enhancing skin quality and firmness. The procedure takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Fraxel: Targets damaged skin with thousands of tiny laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin. These microthermal zones stimulate the body’s natural healing process, which removes old, damaged skin cells and replaces them with rejuvenated healthy skin cells. The treatment focuses on both the surface skin issues and deeper skin layers, improving texture and promoting the growth of new collagen. This results in a smoother, fresher, and more youthful appearance of the hands. The procedure takes less than 10 minutes.

If you are interested in scheduling  any of these options or combination of these treatments or want to learn more about our hand rejuvenation procedures, please contact us today to book your consultation. Rejuvenate your hands today!

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