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Lase MD Ultra

Unveiling Your Best Skin

Rediscover youthful radiance with LaseMD ULTRA™, the newest skin rejuvenation laser at Perfect Skin Center. Specifically designed to combat the signs of aging, sun damage, stress, and lifestyle factors, this innovative treatment rejuvenates your skin, restoring its natural luminosity. Experience a transformative journey back to a more youthful, glowing complexion with ease, comfort, and almost no downtime. Welcome back the grace of youth with LaseMD ULTRA™

A beautiful African American woman.

Discover the transformative magic of our advanced treatment:

  1. Rapid Rejuvenation: LaseMD Ultra accelerates skin rejuvenation by creating micro thermal zones, stimulating your body to rapidly produce fresh, youthful skin tissue.
  2. Versatile Healing: LaseMd Ultra effectively treats a range of skin issues, from actinic keratosis to freckles, rejuvenating your face, neck, and décolletage.
  3. Powerful Precision: With 20 Watts of power, surpassing Clear and Brilliant Permea and the Sciton Moxi laser , the LaseMD Ultra offers rapid, uniform results, leading to flawless skin with each session.

What are the benefits of LaseMD ULTRA (Lutronic ULTRA)?

  • Suitable and Beneficial for Every Skin Type, Regardless of the Season
  • Comfortable Procedure with Quick Outcomes
  • Tailor-Made for Various Body Regions
  • Minimal Downtime Required for All Patients
  • Restores Radiant, Vibrant Skin
  • Encourages Hair Regrowth and Scalp Renewal
  • Diminishes Pigmentation
  • Minimizes Pore Visibility
  • Boosts Skin Luminosity

How long does LaseMD ULTRA treatment take?

Experience a swift and serene 20-minute treatment at Perfect Skin Center. Prioritizing your comfort, we apply a soothing topical anesthesia cream 60 minutes before your LaseMD ULTRA session. For a face and neck treatment, you’ll spend just about 1 to 1.5 hours in our care, ensuring a quick, yet relaxing experience. This efficient and comfortable approach is designed for your utmost satisfaction!

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Is there downtime associated with LaseMD ULTRA?

LaseMD ULTRA at Perfect Skin Center offers tailored downtime depending on your treatment goals. For melasma or a light glow, enjoy minimal downtime. If addressing sun damage, lines, and wrinkles, expect a few hours of pinkness and mild swelling, followed by a sandpaper-like texture and small red and brown dots for up to 7 days. Post-treatment, use only our recommended skin care products on day one, then easily resume your makeup and skincare routine the next day, with no bleeding, blistering, or scabbing. Experience a comfortable treatment with just a brief sunburn-like sensation afterwards. LaseMD ULTRA is designed for your comfort and impressive results.

Is the LaseMD ULTRA treatment comfortable?

At Perfect Skin Center, we prioritize your comfort. That’s why we apply a soothing topical anesthesia cream to the treatment area about 60 minutes before your LaseMD ULTRA session. This preparation ensures a rapid and comfortable experience, enhancing your satisfaction with our state-of-the-art treatment.

A woman before and after lasemd treatment

How many treatments are LaseMD ULTRA are recommended?

For optimal results with LaseMD ULTRA, we recommend two to three treatments at Perfect Skin Center. Many of our patients choose to return every 6-12 months for maintenance sessions, keeping their skin looking its best. Noticeable improvements are evident after just the first treatment, with further enhancements following the completion of your personalized LaseMD ULTRA series.

Can LaseMD ULTRA treat melasma?

LaseMD ULTRA at Perfect Skin Center is an effective option for treating melasma. It’s important to understand that no laser treatment is a quick fix for this chronic condition. Consistent skincare and diligent sun protection are vital to achieving successful outcomes in melasma management. Post-treatment, it is absolutely critical to avoid sun exposure to ensure the best possible results from your melasma LaseMD ULTRA treatment.

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