Reduce the Appearance of Frown Lines with Dysport Injections


The only time when it is good to have frown lines is when you are thinking deeply about something. Perhaps if you are highly displeased with something or you are angry, you may have these frown lines as well. However, when your face goes back to a neutral position, you want the area between your eyebrows and your complete forehead to be smooth and soft. Unfortunately, many people have wrinkles between their eyebrows and along their forehead. If you would like to reduce the appearance of frown lines, we invite you to learn more about the benefits that come from Dysport injections.

Frown lines are dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are formed because of muscle contractions. Every time the muscles in your forehead contract, they cause your skin to move and fold. Dysport injections are designed to relax those muscles, so they will not contract with the same intensity. This means that the skin can stay smooth and soft.

Getting rid of frown lines helps you to look younger. Most people associate dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles with those older in age. So if you would like to look as youthful as possible, smoothing out your skin with Dysport injections is extremely helpful. Getting rid of frown lines will also help you to look happier. Frown lines typically appear when a person is thinking deeply about something or when they are upset or angry. If you have frown lines on your face at all times, others may have the wrong impression about you. You may look unapproachable and angry. When those facial muscles are relaxed, the skin will be smooth so that you will look happy.

Dysport is a quick an easy treatment, which is perfect for your busy schedule. It also does not require any downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately following your treatment. After going through a short consultation, the actual treatment session is only going to take about 10-20 minutes.

Dysport injections do not provide an immediate reduction in frown lines. It usually takes about four or five days for you to get the best results. Results will vary since each person and their wrinkles respond differently to treatment. You are going to enjoy the benefits that come with this treatment for a few months. This is great for most people who feel nervous about starting this treatment. Knowing that it is only temporary helps them feel more confident. And the great thing is that if you like the way you look with reduced frown lines and fewer dynamic wrinkles, you can schedule follow-up treatments to have the product injected again. Contact us today at Perfect Skin Center to learn more about Dysport.


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