The Beauty Behind Microdermabrasion in Scottsdale, AZ


What causes our skin to appear dull, spotty, and wrinkly? Life. The sun, diseases, diet, and lifestyle habits are just a few factors that wreak havoc on our skin. At Perfect Skin Center, we offer microdermabrasion in our Scottsdale, AZ and Tempe, AZ offices. What is Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion assists the outermost layer of your skin […]

Reasons to Consider Tattoo Removal in AZ

tattoo removal

About 30 percent of people in the US have a tattoo and up to 50 percent of millennials have at least one. However, about 25 percent of people with a tattoo would like to remove it and about twice as many women remove tattoos than men. Tattoos are meant to be permanent even though they […]