Benefits of Vein Detection for Injectable Treatments

vein detection

If you are getting a cosmetic injection, you want the most precise care and highly-trained professionals that you can possibly find. Whether you are getting dermal fillers, BOTOX® or another injectable treatment, you want to be sure that the practitioner will find your vein easily on the first try. Without this assurance, you may be concerned that you will have to experience unnecessary discomfort. With vein detection at Perfect Skin Center, we offer you the right solution for your worries.

Our vein detection process uses a special device that is completely safe to use and is also comfortable on your skin. The device is held slightly above your skin. Using infrared lights directed onto your skin, the device will display your surface-level veins on the top of your skin. This device can help us determine just the right location for your injection.

The infrared light given off by our vein detector is safe for your skin and for your overall health. It does not use laser light. While you should not look directly into the bright light of the device, it should not cause you any problems.

Vein detection does not have to be used on every patient. Some of our patients have surface veins that are easily detectable to the naked eye. However, many individuals have less visible veins. When we use our vein detection, we can rest assured that we will not access a vein with our injectables, which are meant to be injected into the underlying tissues of the skin and not into the vein.

When we use vein detection at Perfect Skin Center, it’s for your own benefit. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but it’s important to make note of where your veins are located in order to make sure that we are providing the safest, most precise treatment possible.

With vein detection at Perfect Skin Center, we do not have to worry that we are injecting products directly into your veins. Vein detection lets us do it right the first time. You can learn more about this process during your consultation at our office in Tempe or Scottsdale. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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