When Should You Choose a Non-Surgical Nose Job Over More Traditional Procedures?

The non-surgical nose job is one of the more thrilling developments in aesthetic services. It allows many people to achieve essentially the same results as they would have gotten by going under the knife, but without surgery. For people seeking smaller changes, this fast procedure is an excellent option. But are there any times when you should consider a more traditional route instead? Occasionally, yes, but many people qualify for the shorter non-surgical version.

The degree of change is a key piece in the puzzle. Non-surgical nose jobs involve filling in wrinkles and low spots and generally reshaping the nose through the use of injections of a filler. If you want a drastic change or are actually removing part of the nose to make the nose smaller, you are better off looking at traditional nose jobs. But for smaller jobs, actual cutting is not necessary. Because fillers and relaxers are often enough to complete smaller changes, you should consider a non-surgical nose job if all you want is some contouring.

The non-surgical option usually takes just minutes to complete. Recovery is swift, and you do not have the strange black eyes that tend to form with more traditional and serious nose surgery.

Best of all is that there is generally little to no discomfort. You do not need general anesthesia, and you can go about your day afterward. No cutting is involved — this is all about reshaping the nose and visually removing, by smoothing out or filling in, variations that you don’t want to see.

If you’re interested in learning more about a non-surgical nose job and how it might fit in with the changes you want to make, consult the professionals at Perfect Skin Center at one of our locations in Scottsdale or Tempe. We can help you choose the right type of rhinoplasty procedure and answer any questions you have about preparation and post-treatment care. Contact us today for a consultation!


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