Sick and Tired of Your Double Chin? Consider Kybella!


A double chin is one of the most frustrating problems a person can experience. It can linger long after a person has lost weight, or it Kybella® or deoxycholic acid is a drug that was approved by the FDA in 2015. It is used to eliminate double chins and can, therefore, serve as an alternative to liposuction and other procedures performed to remove double chin fat.

Kybella® is an artificial version of deoxycholic acid, a natural substance within the body that helps it absorb fats. The product thus destroys fat cells when it is injected underneath the chin.

How Is It Used?

Kybella® is administered through injection. Each session takes about 20 minutes. Most patients will need to undergo six treatments to get the desired results, although many patients will start to see results after the second, third or fourth session. Each treatment session should be about six weeks apart. During your consultation, we will discuss in more detail how many treatments you will need and what you can expect.

Who Can Use Kybella®?

Since the main ingredient in Kybella® is already produced in our bodies, there is very little risk of having an adverse reaction. A patient who wants to use Kybella® should first consult with us if any of the following are true:

• The patient has a clotting or bleeding disorder like hemophilia
• The patient has a thyroid disorder
• The patient has undergone other cosmetic procedures, including plastic surgery, on the chin, neck or face
• The patient plans to undergo such procedures in the near future
• The patient has swollen lymph glands in their neck
• The patient has trouble swallowing

Good candidates include those in generally good health but have consistently struggled with unwanted, excess fat underneath the chin. During your consultation, our specialist will help you find out for sure if this is the right treatment for you.

At Perfect Skin Center, our trusted experts serve Tempe and Scottsdale with a wide range of aesthetic treatments specially tailored for each and every client. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if Kybella® is right for you.


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