What are My Options for Pursuing a Stretch Mark Treatment?

stretch mark treatment

Having a baby is a miracle. The moment that your beautiful child was placed in your arms, you knew that the nine months of waiting was worth every minute. You don’t regret the way pregnancy has changed your body. You would go through it all again to have your little bundle of joy in your life. You’ve slowly been reclaiming your body since your baby’s delivery. You’re trimming down and getting toned. There is one issue that is beyond your control. It’s your stretch marks. You tried using creams throughout your pregnancy to keep your skin supple and help it to snap back to the way it was. Nothing has worked. The marks are still there. Find out what your options are to eliminate those marks and feel good about your body once again with stretch mark treatment at our office.

A Note About OTC Creams

In the past, you used products that were available over-the-counter to enhance your skin. You can opt for a few different types of prescription-strength creams. However, as you may know all too well, they are not very effective. What you need is a real solution.

Think About Professional Treatment

Thanks to advances in technology, there are various types of treatments that we can use at our office for stretch mark treatment. They may be used to stimulate the body’s natural production of elastin and collagen. The end result is healthier, firmer skin that is more elastic.

Micro-needling may sound harsh, but it is considered a great and well-tolerated treatment for stretch marks, especially when used with other treatments like fractional laser resurfacing. To find out what you can do to get rid of your stretch marks, or at least soften the appearance of those lines on your skin, make an appointment to see our experts at Perfect Skin Center. Contact us today to book your stretch mark treatment consultation in Tempe or Scottsdale!


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