VISIA Skin Analysis Explained

VISIA Skin Analysis

As part of your consultation at Perfect Skin Center, you are able to undergo a state-of-the-art VISIA® skin analysis before any facial skin treatments are performed. VISIA® skin analysis uses cross-polarization and UV lighting to measure and record the surface and subsurface conditions of your skin via multi-spectral imaging.

How Could I Benefit From This Skin Analysis?

VISIA® skin analysis helps to reveal any signs of damage or aging which could be missed by the human eye. The technique highlights damage both on the surface of the skin and beneath the surface of the skin. It works by taking images of your face from three different precise angles and could help to show you what is currently happening to your skin, while also being used as a means to measure how your skin treatments progress over time.

This allows our team of experts to analyze your skin condition from the superficial (acne, blemishes) to the deep (pigmentation and ultraviolet damage). In addition to this, VISIA® skin analysis can also be used to assess the presence of wrinkles, static lines, redness or the build-up of any bacteria (porphyrins) in the skin. With VISIA® skin analysis, we’re able to comprehensively tailor any in-house treatments or skincare products to your skin, which means we can work together to maximize the reparation and correction of skin health.

Common Questions About VISIA® Skin Analysis

1) What key areas are looked at during a VISIA® skin analysis?

During the consultation, VISIA® technology highlights eight areas of your complexion to determine where your beauty regimen might need extra help. These eight areas are spots, wrinkles, pores, bacteria, UV spots, texture, hyperpigmentation and red areas.

2) What does the VISIA® skin analysis involve?

VISIA® digital skin analysis is simple and can be offered as part of your initial consultation. It involves your head being positioned gently into place. You will be asked to close your eyes while our VISIA® technology takes images of your face. These images will reveal any underlying skin conditions or potential areas of improvement.

After your complexion analysis has been completed, our team of beauty experts at Perfect Skin Center can then begin building a custom skincare treatment plan to target areas of concern revealed by the skin analysis. If you’d like more information on how VISIA® skin analysis could help improve your skincare regimen, simply contact us today and book a consultation at our office in Scottsdale or Tempe.


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