Vaginal Rejuvenation: Does It Really Work?

If you are looking for a way to comfortably tighten your vaginal tissue, look no further. The ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation process is a non-invasive treatment that can improve the look and feel of your vagina. At the Perfect Skin Center in Scottsdale, AZ, we are here to answer your questions on this treatment.

Anatomy Review

Before we discuss the treatment, let’s review the anatomy of the female genitalia so we know what treatment will target. The skin above the vagina which, bears the majority of our pubic hair, is known as the mons. Below that lies the labia majora: the outer hair-bearing lips which cover the vagina. Inside of these lie the labia minora, or the inner lips which cover the vagina.

In the upper portion of the labia minora, the clitoral hood can be found. Underneath this is the clitoris. Below this is the urethral opening. Finally, below that is the vaginal opening, which leads to the inside of the vagina. The vaginal opening, inside of the vagina, and the labial skin are the primary focus of a vaginal rejuvenation.

ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation

As many women age, have children, and go through other hormonal changes, they experience changes in their vaginas. These changes can include loss of vaginal laxity, urine leakage, vaginal dryness, decrease in sexual pleasure, and labial skin laxity. Fortunately, there are treatments available for women experiencing these issues.

For instance, ThermiVa is a treatment that has become popular. This treatment uses the popular radiofrequency technology, which has been used to tighten skin tissue for many years. Through this technology, ThermiVa rejuvenates and tightens the vaginal tissue which has sagged. It may also enhance the pleasure felt by the G-spot.

What’s the Idea Behind This Treatment?

The idea for this treatment stems from the vagina’s status as an elastic muscle. This is clear because women’s vaginas can return to their natural shape after childbirth. However, your vagina can lose its elasticity. Keep in mind that the amount of sex you have does not change the elasticity of your vagina. The elasticity can only be affected by age and childbirth. Childbirth affects elasticity for obvious reasons.

Aging affects elasticity because as we age, our hormone production declines, leading to a decrease in the strength of the muscles surrounding the vagina. When the muscles around the vagina weaken, the vagina can feel stretched out. This feeling often makes women wish they could go back to the time when their vagina was tighter. Therefore, vaginal rejuvenation was developed with the goal of making the vagina tighter.

What Treatment Is Used for

ThermiVa is commonly used to correct vaginal looseness by tightening the vaginal opening and the inside of your vagina. It will also tighten your labial skin and improve the appearance of your labia. Using radio frequencies can revitalize your vaginal mucosa, leading to increased vaginal wetness. ThermiVa is also used by many women as a non-surgical method to reduce the chance of urine leakage and urgency. Others enjoy the increased sensitivity and sexual pleasure from a treatment.

The Treatment

The ThermiVa rejuvenation treatment is non-surgical. Patients lie on a bed in a pap-smear style while the treatment is administered. A vaginal probe with radiofrequency technology is inserted into the vagina and energy is applied for five to twenty minutes. This energy tricks the body into thinking it needs to repair itself. Therefore, the body creates new cells, more collagen, more elastin, and new blood vessels, which thicken the vaginal walls and make the vagina feel tighter. It is a pain-free treatment and does not warrant the use of an anesthetic.

These treatments are painless and have little to no downtime. Patients often resume normal vaginal activity within two days. You can experience immediate results after just one treatment. It is often considered something like a facelift for your vagina. Treatments are performed at one-month intervals for best results. After your initial bursts of treatment, consider a follow-up treatment every year to maintain those optimal results.

Phase One

Phase one is when the probe is inserted. The probe will be moved in and out as it heats. The heat raises your internal temperature to over one hundred degrees, which is perfectly safe and not at all uncomfortable. The increased blood flow that results from this works with the radio frequencies to tighten the vagina. While many women worry about this part, it is not painful. In fact, some women say that they have had orgasms from this treatment. This part takes less than ten minutes.

Phase Two

Phase one is then followed by phase two. Phase two is for the outside of the vagina. This is the cosmetic portion of the treatment. It is often compared to a mini facelift for the vagina. During this phase, the probe will be moved around the outside of the vagina in a circular motion. This phase is also painless. Take photos before your treatment so you can compare them to yourself after your treatment.

What It Feels Like

As many women lay on the table with their eyes covered awaiting the probe, they are concerned about the pain. The whirring and beeping of the machine is actually the most painful part! You will feel the probe being inserted into your vagina and moving back and forth. However, you will not feel it sending electricity out at all. Upon completion of the treatment, you will be comfortable enough to ride a bicycle out of the office.

The Results

It only takes one quick and pain-free treatment. Many people test out their results as soon as they are able. Having sex is the best way to test out the results of your treatment. You will notice the results immediately. Your vagina will feel much tighter, and you will have increased sensation.

After several treatments, many women have around a 50% greater tightness in their vagina. You may even have to get rid of your regular size tampons. Since your vaginal opening shrinks, you may go down to a lite tampon. However, to maintain these results, it is important that you go for your yearly follow-up treatment. These results make ThermiVa the most effective and non-invasive treatment available.

Is It Worth It?

Once patients leave the office, they feel like they have a whole new vagina. After waiting a few days, many people are especially excited to test out the pleasure aspect of this treatment. After this treatment, you will notice that you get lubricated much faster than before. Sex will be more pleasurable after the treatment. After several treatments, your partner may even notice that your vagina is tighter. In sum, many patients feel that this alone is worth the treatment.

You will also be glad you got the treatment when you can perform workouts without having to take a bathroom break. Although everyone’s experience will differ, many patients notice these benefits after having about three treatments. Since these treatments can help reduce urine leakage, many people feel that this benefit is worth the treatment.

Potential Candidates

When many people think of any type of cosmetic rejuvenation, they think of Hollywood celebrities. While many celebrities use this treatment to restore their youthful vaginas, it also has other applications. For instance, it can decrease dryness and help stop urine leakage. For many women, ThermiVa is a non-surgical treatment that can restore their ability to go out in public without having to know the exact location of every bathroom.

While many people use this treatment, keep in mind that it is not guaranteed to cure your conditions. These days doctors are using this to help with vaginal dryness and urine leakage. However, you may need additional help to find the underlying cause of your problem. This treatment will not hurt you further and may even help your body receive other treatments you need.

People Suffering From Vaginal Changes

This treatment is like a radiofrequency treatment for the face where blood flow is increased and new cells are encouraged to grow. Therefore, it can treat a wide variety of patients. The millions of women who suffer from vaginal changes because of age, childbirth, or other reasons can receive this treatment. These women suffer from vaginal changes which can impact the health of their vagina and their quality of life: therefore, they are perfect candidates.

Anyone who is having their live impacted because of vaginal changes is the perfect candidate. For instance, say you are really into boot camp-style exercises, but whenever you jump, you leak urine. If this is you, ThermiVa could be the perfect solution as it tightens the muscles around your vagina and allows you to get back to the exercises you love.

Older Women

Older, post-menopausal women can also receive this treatment. Many older women engage in sex less often, which contributes to a shrinking of the vaginal opening. Combined with the natural aging process, their vaginas become dry and sex can be painful. If this is you, ThermiVa can help lubricate your vagina and reduce pain during sex.

Cancer Patients

Patients who have undergone radiation for uterine cancer could use this treatment. Their vaginas are dry and shrunken. They also have painful sex. They often cannot be prescribed hormone creams because of their cancer. If this is you, ThermiVa can revitalize your vagina. After a normal session, you will probably be able to have pain-free sex again.

Breastfeeding Women

Since there are no chemicals involved in a ThermiVa treatment, it is safe for women who have just had a baby and are breastfeeding. After having a baby, breastfeeding makes an already sensitive vagina dry, and sex becomes painful. If this is you, ThermiVa can help lubricate your vagina and increase the post-partum healing time.


If you are still unsure about having vaginal rejuvenation done, you can note the two main alternatives: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery improves the function of your vagina, similar to getting a nose job to improve your ability to breathe. Reconstructive surgeries are typically done to improve issues such as urine leakage. They may also correct a birth defect, such as a missing or deformed vagina.

Meanwhile, cosmetic surgery improves the look of your vagina, similar to getting a nose job to improve the shape of your nose. Cosmetic surgeries have recently developed almost like plastic surgery for your vagina. These are strictly for cosmetic reasons and give you increased confidence.

Are You Ready for Your Treatment?

Everyone wants to maintain a healthy and functional vagina. But as we age and have children, this becomes a more difficult task. Thankfully, treatments such as ThermiVa are available to tighten your vagina. If you are ready to tighten your vagina for any reason, contact us at the Perfect Skin Center in Scottsdale, AZ today.


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