The Mental Health Benefits of Cellulite Reduction

The Mental Health Benefits of Cellulite Reduction | Perfect Skin Center

Cellulite, that pesky dimpled skin that affects many people regardless of body type or lifestyle, can be extremely frustrating. Even though it’s entirely normal, it can negatively affect self-esteem and overall mental health. At Perfect Skin Center, we use advanced cellulite treatment options to help our clients reduce cellulite and help them feel more confident about their bodies.

Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite is a natural occurrence, affecting nearly 90% of women at some point in their lives. Some men struggle with cellulite, too. Despite how common it is, it’s a source of distress for many, which impacts self-confidence and can lead to low self-esteem.

Cellulite affects the appearance of the skin by giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It occurs when fat cells underneath the skin push against connective tissue, causing the skin to pucker.

Scientists aren’t sure when cellulite develops in the first place. Because it tends to run in families and be more prevalent in women, however, they believe there’s a genetic predisposition.

The Benefits of Cellulite Reduction on Mental Health

Undoubtedly, everyone’s body should be accepted, and no one should feel ashamed or inferior because of their appearance. However, it’s also important to recognize when something affects your mental well-being. 

You should feel empowered to make changes — including deciding to get rid of cellulite — if it will improve your self-esteem. This is where the benefits of cellulite reduction come into play.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

One of the major mental health benefits of cellulite reduction is improved self-esteem. It is quite common for people to feel insecure about their cellulite, and many individuals avoid wearing bathing suits and enjoying fun in the sun because of their cellulite. 

Similarly, some individuals refuse to wear shorts because of their cellulite and avoid going out in warmer weather because they’re insecure. It isn’t good for anyone’s mental health to avoid activities, events, and time with family and friends because they don’t feel comfortable about how they look. By choosing to get rid of cellulite or reduce its appearance, they can experience a confidence boost, leading to enhanced self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.

Reduced Anxiety

Cellulite reduction treatments can also reduce anxiety. After all, if you’re already concerned about your physical appearance, cellulite only exacerbates those feelings. Because cellulite reduction treatments can help alleviate anxiety, they can lead to better mental well-being overall.

Cellulite Treatment Options

Thanks to advances in technology, there are more cellulite treatment options now than ever before. It’s important to choose a procedure that suits both your needs and your lifestyle.


Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure designed to target cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. Cellfina is an FDA-approved treatment that targets the structural causes of cellulite — those fibrous bands beneath your skin. These bands pull down on the skin, resulting in a dimpling effect.

During a Cellfina cellulite removal procedure, we use a small, needle-sized device to break apart the fibrous bands and release the tension pulling on the skin. The result is smoother and more even-looking skin.

Some patients see results as little as three days post-procedure, but the full effects are generally visible after about three months. Cellfina results can last up to three years, making it an excellent long-term solution for cellulite reduction.


ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy technology to treat cellulite. ThermiSmooth works by heating the skin and stimulating collagen production to promote tighter, smoother skin.

During a ThermiSmooth procedure, we use a specialized handheld device to deliver targeted heating to the surface of the skin. The heating process encourages collagen production, which is a protein in your body responsible for keeping your skin firm and elastic.

Through collagen production, ThermiSmooth cellulite removal effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite. It’s a painless procedure that feels similar to a hot stone massage. ThermiSmooth also comes with zero downtime, so you can go about your day right after treatment.


Another non-invasive treatment option is Thermage, which also uses radiofrequency technology. The difference is that while ThermiSmooth focuses more on the superficial layers of the skin, Thermage is designed to penetrate into the deeper layers. Deeper penetration and heating encourage more collagen production.

Thermage may be a better option if you have severe cellulite. It starts by cooling the skin surface before emitting radiofrequency energy into the skin in order to heat the collagen-rich layers beneath the surface.

The heating forces existing collagen fibers to contract, resulting in an immediate skin-tightening effect. Over time, as your body produces more collagen, you’ll notice long-lasting skin tightening and smoothing. A single Thermage cellulite reduction treatment can last from several months to several years, depending on the condition of your skin and how you respond to the aging process.

Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Determining which anti-cellulite treatments are right for you begins with a consultation at our center. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your concerns and desired results, and then evaluate your skin and the degree of cellulite you have.

Once we’ve assessed your skin, we’ll discuss your preferences and lifestyle. The consultation will help us determine which treatment to move forward with, and will also allow us to provide you with realistic expectations of what you can expect after the procedure.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments in Tempe, AZ

If you’re ready to experience the mental health benefits of reduced cellulite, it’s time to contact Perfect Skin Center. We can answer any questions you may have and help you set up a consultation for cellulite reduction in Tempe, AZ. Call or contact us online to get started. 


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