The Best Acne Treatments to Get Rid of Scars and Blemishes

Scars and Blemishes

Have you ever wished you had a smooth, clear complexion? With Perfect Skin Center’s revolutionary acne treatments, you could achieve this goal. 

Our acne treatment dermatologist is dedicated to helping patients get rid of acne scars and blemishes for good. An acne-free complexion is within your reach when you come to Perfect Skin Center in Tempe, AZ. Here is a breakdown of our effective acne treatments. 

Sciton Laser Skin Resurfacing 

Sciton laser skin resurfacing targets multiple layers of your skin to get rid of old scars. The Sciton Halo Laser is a hybrid fractional laser, which means that it uses two laser wavelengths at once. Combined together, these wavelengths of light dissolve scar tissue and unwanted pigment from past blemishes. 

The first wavelength is an ablative laser; it targets the top layer of your skin. Any blemishes or visible discoloration can be erased with this wavelength. With the ablative laser, your complexion will have a healthier glow with more even pigmentation.

The second wavelength targets your dermis — the middle layer of your skin. This is where complex scar tissue rests. It targets acne scars and sun spots. If you have struggled with many years of sun damage, the second wavelength will take care of it for you. 

This dual-wavelength laser skin resurfacing treatment works wonders for erasing acne scars and sun damage. The cooling technology employed by the Sciton device ensures you stay comfortable during the entire session. By the end of your treatments, you can look forward to clear, glowing, rejuvenated skin. 

Thermage Acne Scar Removal 

Thermage acne treatments use heating technology to rejuvenate your skin. Unlike laser skin resurfacing, Thermage scar removal purely heats the water content of your skin. This heating mechanism stimulates your body’s collagen production. As a result, areas of scarring and discoloration generate brand-new skin fibers and look clearer. 

Collagen is an important component of youthful, even skin. These fibers keep your skin firm and elastic while evening your skin tone. Thermage treatments are ideal for rejuvenating your complexion and getting rid of scars and other skin concerns.

Thermage is completely non-invasive, making it an attractive option for many patients. Your body is made up of mostly water, so it makes sense that heating your skin’s water content would rejuvenate your complexion. 

This technology has been studied in clinical settings and shows great potential for improving patients’ complexions. Acne scars can be a thing of the past with Thermage acne scar removal treatments. 

TCA CROSS Acne Treatments

Patients with a few scattered acne scars may still want to rejuvenate their complexions. If this applies to you, you can schedule TCA CROSS acne treatments. These less intense acne treatments are best for treating a few deep acne scars on your face. 

TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid. This is a skin-safe substance that stimulates collagen production. When we apply TCA to the inside of your acne scars, the scar tissue starts to regenerate. Over multiple applications, the scar will dissolve and smooth into normal skin. This is our least invasive simple acne scar removal treatment. 

Dermapen Microneedling Acne Scar Treatments

Microneedling is a technique used to fade acne scars and smooth your skin’s texture. This treatment can also address hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and melasma. Our Dermapen microneedling sessions get rid of deep, complex scar tissue to even your complexion. 

The Dermapen device creates tiny puncture wounds on the surface of your skin. This signals that your skin needs more collagen to heal the wounds. As a result, your body grows new skin fibers with an even tone and smooth texture. Scar tissue gets broken up and eliminated through the microneedling process. 

This minimally invasive treatment takes about five to six sessions to produce ideal results. Our patients tell us how happy they are with their skin’s tone, texture, and lack of acne scarring after their Dermapen microneedling sessions. 

We apply a numbing cream before applying the microneedling device to your skin. This keeps you comfortable and ensures you have an enjoyable experience at Perfect Skin Center. The results are well worth it. 

Downtime After Acne Treatments

One of the biggest advantages of visiting Perfect Skin Center for acne treatments is that there is minimal downtime after our procedures. This means you don’t have to block off time in your schedule for recovery. We keep you comfortable and informed throughout the entire treatment process, no matter which service you get done. 

Acne treatment doesn’t have to be complicated. Topical skincare products at home can only do so much for deep, complex acne scar tissue. When you attend an appointment at Perfect Skin Center, you can go home or return to work after your appointment. There is no inconvenient downtime required after our non-invasive acne treatments. 

Our team will inform you about the best skincare practices to maintain healthy, glowing skin. You can rejuvenate your complexion with a healthy routine at home while enjoying the benefits of our revolutionary acne treatments. 

The Best Acne Treatment Dermatologist in Tempe, AZ

For premium acne treatments, visit Perfect Skin Center in Tempe, AZ. Our acne treatment dermatologist and knowledgeable team will take great care of your complexion. We were one of the first skin centers in Arizona to offer Thermage acne treatments and have paved the way for revolutionary acne scar treatments ever since. 

Our goal is to educate patients while providing excellent acne scar removal treatments. You don’t have to suffer from reminders of old acne breakouts forever. Book an appointment at Perfect Skin Center in Tempe, AZ, for your acne treatments today!


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