Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal in Chandler


Shaving, threading, waxing, sugaring, plucking, and using depilatory creams are all methods of temporary hair removal that can work wonderfully for some people in Chandler, but these methods do not solve the problem of unwanted body hair once and for all. If you are sick and tired of these temporary methods and want your hair permanently removed or reduced, there are plenty of reasons to consider laser hair removal at our office in Tempe or Scottsdale.

No Stubble Left Behind

Unless you are pulling the hair out, the root shaft of the hair will still be in place after shaving or using a depilatory cream. This can leave behind an unsightly shadow that may also be prickly to the touch. This can be especially troublesome if you are a woman removing facial hair. With laser hair removal, there is no stubble left behind at all. The hair follicle is damaged and the entire hair, including the root, is gone. This allows you to have silky smooth skin without any embarrassing stubble.

Faster Than Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a similar permanent hair removal method that damages the hair follicle to achieve a smooth result. Unfortunately, it is also slow. Each hair must be treated individually, which can be a painstaking and uncomfortable process. With laser hair removal, large areas can be treated over the course of each treatment.

Less Expensive Over Your Lifetime

No matter what method you use now to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal is likely much less expensive if you consider the cost over the rest of your lifetime. If you are budget-conscious or you’d just like a little extra in your bank account, laser hair removal treatments are an investment in your financial future.

Less Impact on the Environment

Temporary hair removal methods in Chandler generate a shocking amount of garbage and tainted water. Landfills are full of empty plastic bottles that once held shaving creams, soothing lotions, aftershaves and depilatories. The amount of waste involved in hair removal can be sad to anyone who loves the planet. With laser hair removal, you will generate far less garbage over your lifetime.

There are lots of reasons to consider laser hair removal at Perfect Skin Center over other methods. If you are ready to begin treatment to get rid of unwanted body hair once and for all or if you have any questions, schedule an appointment at our office in Tempe or Scottsdale. Contact us today to book a consultation!


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