Need to Know More About Your Skin? VISIA Skin Analysis Says It All!

VISIA Skin Analysis

When it comes to our skin, there’s so much that can go wrong. From sudden breakouts to dry patches, signs of ageing to symptoms of tiredness, when it comes to our lifestyle, our skin is an open book. But when it comes to getting more insight into the condition of our skin, and how we can combat the problems that make it less than perfect, VISIA® Skin Analysis is what you need.

What is VISIA® Skin Analysis?

Also known as VISIA® Complexion Analysis, VISIA® Skin Analysis provides you with all the information you could need on the condition and quality of your skin, taking into account multiple factors and measurements to discern the problem areas and improvements that can be made in one efficient, practical package. This technique offers a deeper understanding of your complexion, functional analysis of any concerns and more to help restore your appearance from dull to dazzling.

The six considerations VISIA® Skin Analysis takes into account are the most important for the condition of your complexion and include pore size, wrinkles, blemishes, skin tone variations, levels of bacteria and UV sun damage. These factors combined help our experts to understand how to improve your skin and make your complexion radiant and beautiful.

Is VISIA® Skin Analysis Right for Me?

If you struggle with problem skin, from multiple pimples to increasingly worsening pore size or wrinkles, then VISIA® Skin Analysis might just be the right fit for you. Using a digital photograph of your face, our experts can document your skin condition and set you on the right track to better, healthier skin.

If VISIA® Skin Analysis sounds like the ideal way to improve the condition of your skin under the guidance of expert professionals, then look no further. Get in touch with the team at Perfect Skin Center to book in your first consultation at our office in Scottsdale or Tempe. Contact us today to book your appointment!


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