How Is the Y Lift Done?

If you would like to look younger and more attractive but aren’t ready to get a facelift or another invasive procedure, you may be an excellent candidate for a Y Lift. At the Perfect Skin Center in Scottsdale, AZ, we can use this minimally invasive technique to lift your sagging skin and improve your overall facial structure. During your treatment, we will use dermal fillers to achieve these goals.

How Is the Y Lift Done?

The Y Lift is a minimally invasive treatment that will contour your neck and face. During your appointment, we will use dermal fillers to define your cheekbones, improve your jawline, and lift the skin on your upper neck. This gentle treatment is known as a liquid facelift because we will use non-invasive methods to transform your profile.

Since your facial structure is unique, we will adjust your lift to match your individual needs. That said, there are some general techniques that we may use to complete your anti-aging treatment.

Beginning Your Lift

If you have received dermal fillers before, you probably know that your injections will be very brief and comfortable. As a result, your lift will take less than 60 minutes to finish. We will start by carefully analyzing your facial structure and cleaning the skin on your face and neck. Depending on your unique circumstances, we may use a numbing agent to prepare your tissues for the next step of your lift.

Administering Your Dermal Fillers

Once we have prepared your facial tissues, we will begin to administer your dermal fillers. We will use FDA-approved products like Juvederm Ultra Plus or Juvederm Voluma to give your face a youthful, Y-shaped appearance.

Achieving Dramatic Changes

In the past, aesthetic providers used a small amount of filler to add volume to people’s facial tissues. This technique sometimes caused people’s faces to take on an overly full, unnatural appearance. After their treatments were completed, these people’s tissues sometimes looked puffy or stretched. We will avoid these issues by placing your fillers into the deeper layers of your face.

To achieve this goal, we will gently insert a titanium instrument under your skin. Next, we will use this instrument to administer your dermal fillers. This technique will allow us to use a larger amount of filler to enhance the deeper levels in your face. This specialized approach will also allow us to lift your sagging tissues and improve the appearance of your facial contours.

Completing Your Lift

Once we have finished administering your injections, we will carefully massage and sculpt your tissues. This step will allow us to enhance the results of your minimally invasive lift.

Since this lift will use very gentle methods to enhance your facial contours, you will have a limited period of downtime after your appointment is complete. Once we have finished improving your appearance, you will be free to drive to your home, office, or other destination.

Why Has My Facial Structure Changed Over Time?

It’s normal for your face to sag and wrinkle as you age. Changes in your bones, skin, and other physical features are likely to negatively affect your facial structure over time.

Changes in Your Skin

As you age, the elasticity and strength of your skin will start to decrease. This issue can cause your facial tissues to sag. For example, your jawline may become undefined, and the delicate skin on your neck might become looser.

Volume Loss

When you were young, you had abundant amounts of volume in your skin. At this point in your life, your cheeks were probably full and healthy-looking. As you age, the amount of volume in your facial tissues will naturally decrease. This development can cause your cheeks to look hollow.

Bone Loss

As you become older, the bones in your face will start to gradually shrink. If you are a woman, your bone structure may start to change when you are in your early forties. As your bones continue to change, your face may begin to look sunken and tired.

Improving Your Facial Structure

Fortunately, we can use dermal fillers to quickly reverse these age-related changes. This lift is designed to provide you with a youthful, Y-shaped face. During your appointment, we will use dermal fillers to make your face look wide around your eyes and cheekbones. We will cause your facial structure to gradually narrow as we move toward your chin.

Will I Need To Avoid Certain Activities After I Get My Lift?

This lift will use very safe, gentle techniques to enhance your facial contours. As a result, you will be able to quickly return to your childcare duties, job, or other important responsibilities. However, we will give you some personalized instructions that will help you protect your skin after you receive your lift.

For example, we may instruct you not to take an exercise class, go running, or do other strenuous physical activities for a short period of time. Further, we may advise you to avoid drinking alcohol and exposing your face to strong sunlight. In addition, you may need to refrain from using a sauna or taking a very hot shower while your face is adjusting to your new fillers.

How Long Will My Y Lift Last?

The enhancements in your cheekbones, neck, and other areas of your face are likely to last for one to two years. As you process the ingredients in your dermal fillers, the positive changes in your facial structure will start to wear off. Your reaction to your fillers, your lifestyle choices, and other factors will affect the duration of your results.

Once your face starts to return to its previous appearance, you should consider visiting our office in Scottsdale for a follow-up appointment. During this meeting, we will preserve your rejuvenated look by providing you with additional fillers.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Lift?

If you want to improve your facial structure but are not interested in getting a neck lift, facelift, or other invasive procedure, you will probably be a good candidate for this lift. For example, you might have a demanding job or family responsibilities that prevent you from taking time off while you are recovering from a facelift. In addition, you might prefer to avoid receiving general anesthesia or incisions.

Fortunately, the Y Lift is a gentle treatment, and we will not create incisions in your skin or give you general anesthesia during your appointment. However, some allergies and health problems may prevent you from getting this lift. Before we start your lift, we will need to discuss your health and look at your facial structure. At this point, you will need to inform us if you have a bleeding disorder, severe allergies, or other medical issues.

How Can I Extend the Benefits of My Lift?

If you would like to maintain your youthful-looking, Y-shaped face for a long period of time, you should adopt a customized beauty routine. At the Perfect Skin Center, we can help you select medical-grade cosmetic products that contain high-quality ingredients. These products will protect your skin from sun damage, reduce wrinkles, and improve many other aesthetic problems.

For example, DefenAge products contain peptides that your skin naturally produces. These powerful peptides will reduce the visibility of age-related changes in your skin. In addition, we can use SkinMedica products to shield your skin from the sun, moisturize your tissues, and decrease your wrinkles. For example, the TNS Essential Serum will reduce your lines and brighten your skin.

Can I Use Other Minimally Invasive Methods To Enhance My Facial Structure?

We can use other minimally invasive methods to lift your sagging skin, improve your nose, and accomplish other cosmetic goals.

A Minimally Invasive Nose Job

If you use invasive techniques to improve your nose, you will probably have to receive general anesthesia and spend a long period of time away from your job and other responsibilities. Fortunately, we can use injectables to quickly improve this facial feature. For example, we can use Radiesse and Juvederm to minimize the appearance of bumps and improve the shape of your nose. Your minimally invasive nose job will usually take about 15 minutes.

Instead of visiting the hospital for an invasive procedure, you will be able to receive your treatment at our office in Scottsdale. During your appointment, we will gently inject fillers into specific locations on your nose. Your fillers will smooth your nose and make your bumps look less visible. Since this treatment is minimally invasive, you won’t have a long recovery period after we improve your nose.

A Silhouette InstaLift

Receiving a Silhouette InstaLift is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your cheeks and add volume to the middle of your skin. During this minimally invasive treatment, we will use special threads to lift the subcutaneous layer of your skin. These threads will contour your face, correct your sagging skin, and enhance your collagen levels.

Before we administer your threads, we will provide you with a local anesthetic. Once your tissues are ready, we will use a needle to gently insert your threads. You will probably see the final effect of your Silhouette InstaLift within about three to six months, and the results of this lift may continue for up to 18 months.

SkinTyte II

SkinTyte II is a powerful laser that will use pulsed light technology to improve your sagging skin. This sophisticated laser can be used on any type of skin. During your appointment, we will send very short bursts of energy into your tissues. This energy will pass through the surface layers of your skin and cause your deeper layers to become hotter. Your appointment will last for about 30 minutes.

This process will allow your deeper tissues to create new collagen proteins. As your collagen levels rise, the skin in your target area will become firmer and smoother. Although we will typically use this device to improve the skin on your neck and face, we can also use SkinTyte II to improve loose skin in other locations. For example, we might use this technique to correct loose skin on your chest.

Rejuvenate Your Appearance

If you would like to rejuvenate your skin without receiving a taxing, lengthy procedure, you should think about getting a Y Lift. This state-of-the-art lift will take less than one hour to finish, and the improvements in your facial structure will last for a long time. To schedule a consultation about this minimally invasive lift, you should contact us today at the Perfect Skin Center in Scottsdale, AZ to schedule a consultation.


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