How Can ThermiVa Benefit Me?


If you are like countless women, you experience vaginal problems that trouble you day in and day out. This is especially common after childbirth and as you approach menopause. Your vagina is extremely delicate. When there is a problem with the tissue in this sensitive area, from looseness to dryness, it can make you feel awful. Vaginal issues can affect your everyday comfort and get in the way with your partner. If you are having problems with your vaginal tissue, ThermiVa® might be the answer for you.

How Does ThermiVa® Work?

ThermiVa® is a therapy that uses radiofrequency energy to improve your vaginal health. It is based on a wand that is applied to your outer and inner vaginal tissues as needed. The only thing that you will experience is a warm sensation. There is no need for needles, lasers or anesthesia. As the radiofrequency energy generates heat, it will rejuvenate the tissue in this delicate part of your body. You’ll have a tightening effect. The circulation will improve and collagen production will be triggered. Collagen promotes the elasticity of your skin. Expect healthy cells to develop in your vagina after your treatment. As the vaginal tissue tightens and rejuvenates, your irritating symptoms will go away.

Why Do You Need ThermiVa®?

The changes that have been occurring in your vagina are a normal part of life. If you have had children, it can cause trauma to your vagina. Your skin may have become stretched and never snap back to the way it was without help from ThermiVa®. Menopause is also a major cause of vaginal discomfort. As your reproductive hormones begin to decrease in preparation of the shutdown of your reproductive system, your vagina is affected. Lubrication decreases. The tissue thins. Irritation is common. You may find yourself dealing with female incontinence as well when your vagina becomes so dry and irritated that the urethra is irritated, causing you to have bouts of urinary leakage.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it is important that you seek professional help so that you can get to the root of your vaginal concerns. If there are no underlying conditions, you can chalk it up to the changes that happen over time. ThermiVa® can give you the relief that you need to feel like yourself again.

Learn More About How ThermiVa® Can Change Your Life

People might think that vaginal discomfort is no big deal until you are living with it. You know how uncomfortable it is making you. You need to find a solution. Set up a consultation at Perfect Skin Laser Center to discuss how ThermiVa® can treat your symptoms. You will be evaluated and have the opportunity to discuss what is going on with this delicate part of your body. Don’t ignore your symptoms anymore or try to grin and bear it. You deserve to feel comfortable every day.

Perfect Skin Laser Center has locations in Tempe and Scottsdale. Contact us today to book your appointment to learn more about ThermiVa®.


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