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Clear and Brilliant

If you have skin that is showing signs of damage from things like sunspots and enlarged pores, you might want to explore treatments like Clear and Brilliant before these signs become worse. Certain things happen naturally as time goes by that change the way the skin appears. There are also things we all can do that will speed up the aging process on our skin. One of them is spending too much time in the sun. Over time, excessive exposure to the UV rays will cause the skin to develop places where excessive pigment is scattered throughout the skin. This is caused by excessive melanin in those places.

Melanin is a substance in the skin that provides pigment. It is also produced in higher quantities as a response to sun exposure. This is the body’s way of protecting itself. While working on your tan is seen as a positive thing in many people’s eyes, it can have harmful long-term consequences. Repeated exposure to the sun over time will cause melanin to develop in concentrated levels in spots that are scattered across the skin. This is what causes age spots.

Fine lines and wrinkles can begin to develop because the level of collagen in the skin begins to drop. This naturally occurs with age. The body begins to produce less of it as the years go by. Collagen is a substance that gives the skin its fullness. Elastin, another substance in the skin, helps to give it flexibility and elasticity. Like collagen, it is naturally produced in the lower layers of the skin, but these levels drop off with age.

Clear and Brilliant is a laser treatment system that can help to return the skin to a fresher look. Compared to other types of lasers, it is mild and does not create the need for any downtime for recovery. Side effects, like skin redness, are much less severe than that caused by other treatments as well. It is safe and non-invasive. Instead, it is a gentle method for improving tone and texture in order to give the skin a youthful glow.

Enlarged pores are one of the earliest signs of aging. The Clear and Brilliant system is effective at reducing the size of these pores. This will provide a positive impact on the appearance of the skin by giving it a more even texture.

If you are looking for a way to keep your skin looking young, you should ask the team at Perfect Skin Laser Center about the Clear and Brilliant treatment system. It may be just what you need, especially if your skin is not so severely damaged that more aggressive treatments are necessary. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Tempe or Scottsdale.


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