Can CoolSculpting Really Freeze Fat Away Permanently?

Almost everyone has problems with fat deposits which are resistant to the effects of diet and exercise somewhere on their body. Embracing a health and wellness program is a life choice that improves both your looks and your self-confidence. However, battling stubborn fat pockets can be extremely frustrating and can even erode your motivation. CoolSculpting treatments from the Perfect Skin Center in Scottsdale, AZ can permanently and painlessly freeze your fat away.

Can CoolSculpting Really Permanently Freeze Your Fat Away?

It sounds too good to be true, but the fat that is removed via CoolSculpting is killed and does not return. The process is painless, convenient, and highly effective. In fact, the treatment has become so popular that many Hollywood actors and other celebrities have incorporated body contouring into their regular beauty program. The chiseled bodies you see on the silver screen and in images on social media are often a result of fat freezing sessions.

Maintaining your ideal look is hard work and CoolSculpting is one of a series of very powerful tools that will help you achieve your goals. If you undergo a period of weight gain after treatment, it is possible that your body will again store fat in the areas you targeted with body contouring treatments. Everybody is different and the body changes how it stores fat over time. If you maintain your ideal weight, the fat that has been removed is not likely to return.

Targeted Fat Removal

Diet and exercise are highly effective at reducing your overall fat percentage. The problem is that it’s very difficult to target the fat that is to be removed. Remember that when it is properly distributed, fat helps to enhance your curves and provides you with a more dynamic silhouette. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours at the gym only to see your attractive curves reduced while other fat deposits remain unchanged.

Some fat deposits accumulate in areas that are difficult to target with exercise. This includes fat deposits on places like the neck or under the chin. Facial fat deposits have a magnified impact on your appearance because your face is a focal point in any interaction. Removing these deposits provides for an instant and dynamic beauty enhancement.

Overcoming Resignation

The greatest motivator to achieving your beauty objectives is success. Attending your regularly scheduled workouts or having the discipline to follow a healthy diet is difficult. But when the pounds start to come off and you see the results of your hard work in the mirror, the sacrifices become easier. Everyone can achieve their objectives, but many people become discouraged by stubborn pockets of fat that resist all their efforts. When defeatist feelings begin to settle in, people sometimes abandon their entire program.

Today it is possible to have an unprecedented amount of control over your appearance. Body contouring helps people who are within about thirty pounds of their ideal weight take the final step towards the finish line of their beauty ambitions. You can almost think of the treatment as a spotter that helps you push through your final rep with the right amount of assistance and encouragement.

You have no control over the genetic commands that determine where your body stores fat. But that doesn’t stop some people from developing feelings of guilt or inadequacy when they fail to remove targeted deposits through diet and exercise. For many individuals, body contouring represents a life-changing experience that allows them to break through the final obstacle that is holding them back from their ultimate beauty goals.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Fat freezing sessions take advantage of your body’s biochemistry to remove fat in a way that’s natural, painless, and very gentle on your system. The operating principle behind this approach was discovered when doctors Rox Anderson and Dieter Manstein observed that children who ate popsicles often developed dimples. They concluded that there must be some relationship between the cold of the popsicle and the reduction of subcutaneous fat cells.

Today the process has been refined to maximize convenience and efficiency. Hundreds of clinical trials have been conducted which show support for the initial hypothesis, and the treatment is now FDA approved.


The process of removing fat through thermal induction is called cryolipolysis, and it functions because of the unique properties of water. Water is such a common compound that we often overlook its remarkable properties. One of these properties is that water has a very high heat capacity. The high heat capacity of water is responsible for maintaining a consistent temperature on the planet because the oceans can absorb so much energy from the sun. It’s also why water takes so long to boil even when it’s exposed to direct heat.

Water can absorb a lot of heat energy, and just as it takes a long time to heat, it also takes a long time to cool. Your skin and tissues are water-based cells that are protected from cold by the high heat capacity of water. Your fat cells are oil-based cells that are much more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. This is why prolonged exposure to cold temperatures will kill subcutaneous fat cells without having any adverse effect on the surrounding tissue.


Unlike other fat reduction techniques, this treatment is completely non-surgical and provides many advantages. There is virtually no recovery time with body contouring, which allows you to seamlessly incorporate the treatment into your busy schedule. We have found that the best way to maintain success with a health and beauty program is to make a habit out of your good diet and exercise choices. When going to the gym and eating right are as habitual as brushing your teeth, you do not need to generate energy to motivate yourself to partake in them.

It is easier to maintain a habit than it is to establish one, and you should protect a habit once it begins to work for you. A fat reduction technique that does not require recovery time allows you to enjoy the benefits of the treatment without any disruption to your habit. You can come in for your session, and then make your regularly scheduled trip to the gym later that day. This helps you avoid a snowball effect where one or two missed workouts begins to extend into weeks of minimal activity.


Some people are concerned by the concept of freezing fat, but the treatment really is painless. Our clients describe the session as a brief shock of cold that quickly dissipates and becomes comfortable. You can think of the sensation as similar to the experience of jumping into a swimming pool. Your initial submersion feels cold, but your body quickly adapts and you can then stay in the pool indefinitely. No anesthetics are required, but we might apply some protective gel on your skin to improve your comfort.


Freezing fat is effective at removing around 25% of the fat in a targeted area. If you have a big event coming up like a wedding or a graduation, we can stagger a series of treatments to guarantee you’ll be looking your best on your special day. After treatment, results usually start to become visible after about three weeks with the best results coming in two to three months.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

It is important to go into any beauty treatment with proper expectations. This is not an effective treatment for obesity. Instead, you should think of this treatment as a finishing touch for a nearly completed work. It is most effective for fit, active, and healthy individuals who are near their ideal weight and who are struggling with fat deposits in targeted areas. If you are not sure whether you are a good candidate for the treatment, it is best to schedule a consultation. We want to see you succeed, and we can help design a schedule to help you get the most out of the resources available to you.

The Consultation

The consultation is our opportunity to develop a relationship of confidence and trust. Above all, it is important that you feel comfortable with every step of the treatment. At the consultation, we will evaluate your unique situation and determine if body contouring is the best way to meet your objectives. We recommend that you bring in notes because we will exchange a lot of information in a short period of time, and it’s important that you get all of your questions answered.

The Session

On the day of your appointment, we recommend that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. If you’re coming in on your work break, it’s best to bring a change of clothing so you don’t risk getting protective gel on your office clothing. You will sit in comfort, surrounded by pillows throughout the duration of your appointment. You can watch television, read a book, or operate your mobile device. Some of our clients find the treatment so relaxing that they even take a nap during their appointment.

The treatment is performed by attaching CoolSculpting applicators to your target area. The applicators come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small for treating areas on the neck or chin, and others are large for treating the abdomen, back, or thighs. The applicator has both a vacuum element for bringing your subcutaneous fat to the surface and a cooling element for killing the fat. They are box-shaped with a rubber sleeve on one side that makes a seal with your skin.

It is best to have a light meal before your appointment to ensure you are comfortable throughout the session. Keep in mind that once the applicators have been attached, they cannot be removed until the session is over.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Rest assured that you are not alone in having a fat deposit somewhere on your body that displeases you. We have successfully treated virtually every square inch of the body. The variety of applicators makes it possible to target whatever you wish. If you have a very large treatment area, we can schedule multiple consecutive treatments so you can get the greatest benefit from a single appointment.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Body contouring offers individuals an unprecedented level of body control. If you are close to your ideal weight, there is no sense in allowing a few stubborn fat deposits prevent you from achieving your ultimate beauty objectives. The simple, painless, and convenient treatment integrates seamlessly with your busy schedule and provides you with the final push to help you achieve your dream look. To learn more about the benefits of CoolSculpting, schedule a consultation with the Perfect Skin Senter in Scottsdale, AZ today!


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