Burn Fat and Tone Muscle With Emsculpt


Even the most active people sometimes still struggle with stubborn pockets of fat and muscle groups that are difficult to tone. Usually, this stubborn fat collects in inconvenient locations, such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, and these areas can be challenging to sculpt through trips to the gym alone. 

By using our Emsculpt device at Perfect Skin Center in Tempe, AZ, we can help you to tone those difficult areas and burn more fat. This platform offers a non-invasive way to assist you in achieving your ideal body shape.  

What Is Emsculpt? 

Emsculpt from BTL is a body sculpting device that can help individuals to target problem areas. As a body contouring device, it is not designed as a weight loss solution. However, the technology not only helps you to build muscle in your desired locations, but it can also help to burn fat more quickly. It is a more effective solution for spot reduction than trying to achieve these results on your own at the gym. 

How Does Emsculpt Work? 

The technology that is used with the Emsculpt machine is called HIFEM® technology. HIFEM, or high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions. This technology is pain-free but powerful and can achieve results that are much more dramatic than those achieved through exercising. 

When the device is placed on the skin, it begins stimulating powerful muscle contractions. These contractions are much more efficient than those that can be achieved by doing sit-ups, bench presses, lunges, or any other type of exercise. They are also much stronger. Additionally, the machine will stimulate up to 20,000 muscle contractions in just one session which is the equivalent of many hours at the gym. 

These contractions stimulate two different responses in the body. The first is the strengthening of the muscles in the treatment area. When your muscles heal after the treatment, the muscle fibers will be repaired and become much stronger. Treatments result in a muscle increase of an average of 16%. 

Secondly, the device stimulates fat reduction. The muscle contractions send a signal to local fat cells to use the fat for energy to support the intense workout. As a result, you can burn more fat in the area than you otherwise would. 

The Benefits of Body Sculpting

Faster Results

Many people become frustrated when beginning an exercise program because even the most difficult workouts often yield less than satisfactory results. Hours spent in the gym aren’t always enough to target those challenging areas such as the abdominal muscles or buttock muscles. With the Emsculpt, you can gain faster and more targeted results that can help to give you the boost you need in your exercise routine. 

Non Invasive Fat Removal

Fat removal treatments can often be invasive and come with weeks of downtime. With Emsculpt, your body can burn fat without any incisions or downtime. You can expect to return to normal activities right away. 

Fast, Relaxing, and Easy Treatment

Emsculpt treatments are fast and painless. While the contractions from the electromagnetic technology may feel strange at first, your body will quickly adjust. Treatments are also customizable so you can always let us know if you feel any discomfort. Most of our patients enjoy the chance that they have to lie down and relax while the Emsculpt machine does all of the work.

A Few Commonly Asked Questions

How Many Treatments Will You Need? 

In general, four treatment sessions are needed with Emsculpt to achieve optimal results. If you are interested in non-invasive body sculpting, we recommend committing to a minimum of 4 appointments. Your appointments should be spaced out 2 or 3 days apart so that your body has a chance to heal and build muscle strength. 

Can Emsculpt Replace an Exercise Routine? 

Emsculpt is not intended to be used as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Rather, it is a tool that can be used to jumpstart your exercise routine or to enhance your results. Emsculpt is ideal for patients who are at or near their target weight and need an extra boost. It could be the right treatment for many different patients, so speak to your doctor if you want to know if Emsculpt is right for you.  

How Long Will It Be Before You See Results? 

It can be several weeks before you begin to see the results of your treatment. Most patients report seeing noticeable results after two weeks, but it can take a little longer before you have your full results.

Will You Be Sore After Treatment? 

Emculpt treatments can make your muscles feel sore and a little tired after the treatment. This muscle soreness is comparable to what you might experience after a workout. However, the Emsculpt automatically cycles through times of strong contractions and rest periods to help your body flush out lactic acid. Because of this, some people may not even feel sore after treatment.  

What Areas Can Be Treated With Emsculpt? 

At our clinic, we offer multiple paddle sizes to accommodate different areas of the body. Common treatment areas include: 

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Lower arms
  • Calf Muscles

Sculpt Your Ideal Body with BTL Emsculpt

If you are hitting a wall with your exercise routine and you are ready for a boost, you can consider body sculpting treatments with Emsculpt. At Perfect Skin Center, we are here to support you in your healthy lifestyle by providing targeted fat-burning and muscle-toning treatments. If you are ready for your consultation, set up an appointment today by calling us or filling out an online form


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